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The Buncombe County GIS web site was primarily developed to help members of the public answer questions about the geographic features in Buncombe County. It is designed for the user to be able to use a map of the county to zoom into an area of interest, and to search for property information.

Using the Application

This application provides residents and visitors an easy way to find property information in Buncombe County.

Search for a Parcel

The Search For Parcel Panel searchs and selects parcels by the either the parcel's PIN, Owner Name, or Address

1. Use the radio dial to select the search method you'd like to use
2. Enter the search criteria, and then hit Enter

You can also select a parcel manually by clicking on the Select Toool and then clicking inside the parcel on the map.

Once the parcel is selected the map will zoom to that parcel.

The results table will list all the information about the selected parcel. From the results table you can view the property card , deed and plat for the parcel.

Map Based Navigation

There are several ways to interact with the map:

1. Use the Basemap Switcher to select the basemap you'd like to interact with
2. Hold down the shift key and drag a box on the map to ZOOM IN
3. Hold Down Ctrl+Shift to ZOOM OUT
4. Roll your mouse roller to zoom in/out
5. Drag the zoom slider to zoom in/out
6. Click on the map and move the mouse to PAN


Measure Toolbox

You can use the measure tools to measure a line, area or to get the location of a point.

1. Open the measure toolbox by clicking on the Measure Tool button
2. Select either the area, distance or location tool depending on what you would like to measure and then move your mouse over the desired area on the map to measure.
The results will apear in Measure dialog.
        a) To measue a line move the cursor to the first point of the line you want to measure, and click the left mouse button. Keep moving the cursor and adding points by
            clicking the left mouse button. To end the line double click at the end point.

        b) To measure a polygon click the left mouse button at the first point in the polygon. As you move the mouse from this location, you will see the line stretching to the
            current position. Click the second point of the polygon. The first segment draws, and the polygon now stretches to the current position from the last point as well as
            to the initial point. To end the polygon double click at the end point.

        c) To get the location of a point, click on the map. The coordinates at the location you clicked will be displayed in the Measure dialog.

3. After drawing the area on the map and getting the results, to clear the map and close the measure tool ,click on the tool again .


Print or Save a Map

You can click on the Export Map to PDF button to print or save your map. In the print dialog you can enter a title and choose the template size. A new internet window will open, you can either print from there or save the file as a pdf.

**if pop blockers are turned on, the report page may not display automatically.

The following browsers are supported: Microsoft IE 7/8/9, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

Contact Information

Hours of Operation Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm